• UAACS Membership Options and Pricing


    There are two levels of UAACS membership:


    Subsciption Member

    For interested parties


    - Receive updates

    Basic UAACS Member

    For approved parties

    $3.- per month


    $30.- per annum

    –Receive updates

    –Member's listing

    –Activies discount

    -Collaboration opportunities

  • Price:

    $3.- per month or $30.- per annum



    – Anyone interested in engaging in or has already been in the field of upcycle art and craft and who intends to expand it into an interest, a career, an artistic achievement, or a business.

    – You need to have some representing artworks or projects, as well as an online showcase of your work e.g. a website, Facebook page, Instagram, an eShop, or other forms of online platform that we can establish a link to.



    – Receive updates on UAACS activities and newsletter regarding upcycle art and craft

    – A listing on our website with your name, brand, brief description, and a link to your online presence.

    – A 10% discount on the seminars, courses, sharing sections, and other training activities organized by UAACS

    – Opportunity to participate in joint exhibitions, trade shows, or other events subject to final approval from the relative board committee.

  • UAACS Basic Member Application Form

    Membership is subject to approval. Please complete the form below and we will email you upon approval.

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  • Why Join UAACS

    Benefits of being a member of UAACS

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    • Receive regular updates on industry trends and developments in upcycle art and craft
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    • Showcase your profile, share your work, and connect with other artists and crafters can expose yourself to opportunities with collectors, galleries, coordinations, exhibitions, and many others.


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    • Obtain certificates, academic recognitions, and awards for various upcycle techniques to help you develop your skills and showcase your expertise


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    • Gain access to resources and tools to help you grow your business or pursue your passion for upcycle art and craft